A cloud solution can provide various benefits for a legal or accounting company. This guide explains why switching to the cloud could be the right choice for your organisation.    Are you thinking about switching to the cloud with your legal or accounting business? You are certainly not alone. Indeed, recent reports suggest that 94%… View Article
As we move further into the digital age, IT is becoming increasingly integral to modern businesses. The benefits of these advancements are numerous, but – unfortunately – the technology required to manage these IT systems is becoming more complex. Cyber security. Cloud hosting. Data backups. The list goes on. The additional workforce, specialist knowledge and… View Article
Connectivity is a term that we are hearing more of today, and this is because it is critical to the success and efficiency of all businesses. Below, we will reveal more about connectivity, helping you to understand what connectivity is and why this matters to your business. What is business connectivity? Business connectivity is a… View Article
IT plays a critical role in all industries today, including the legal sector. In order to perform to an optimal level, you need to make sure that you have the support of an experienced IT company that can provide you with outstanding data security and excellent customer support. With that being said, let’s take a… View Article
How Legal Practices Can Develop A Cost-Effective Business Development Strategy   HDUK are delivering value and expertise into the UK legal sector, we help legal firms grow. We have put together this list for firms that don’t have huge marketing budgets.   You want to grow but don’t have the money or time. Nothing on… View Article
Finding the best approach to IT is a priority for all organisations, not least for non-profits and SMEs. Remote desktop is one of the most integral features by far. Remote desktop is probably a term that you’ve heard of in the past. Now is the time to open your eyes to the benefits it can… View Article
Cyber attacks pose a huge threat to the legal sector. – Confidential data for businesses, clients, and employees are often at risk. In 2017, 60% of UK law firms reported an IT security issue. Attacks like phishing, ransomware, and data breaches are on the rise. Since the increase in remote working, hacking attempts in the… View Article
A Quick Read For Bootstrapped And Beyond  They say the only vice is advice and that may be true, please excuse us but we wanted you to see some of the ideas we had gleaned from our clients.   First, what exactly is a small legal business? At HDUK, we categorise a small legal firm… View Article
How To Secure Your Data, UK Legal Practices Nobody likes losing things. Do you know which item we lose the most often? Read on to find out. On average, we spend five minutes looking for lost items before giving up, or finding something else we thought we had lost! We tend to lose things because… View Article
Dynamic Remote Working Enabling Growth Would you like more flexibility and growth for your business? At HDUK we believe in asking questions and listening to the answers. We hope this brief insight into the future of working for the legal sector can give you some positive ideas that could help you. Covid-19 has challenged the… View Article
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