A cloud solution can provide various benefits for a legal or accounting company. This guide explains why switching to the cloud could be the right choice for your organisation. 


Are you thinking about switching to the cloud with your legal or accounting business? You are certainly not alone. Indeed, recent reports suggest that 94% of businesses are using the cloud. Cloud servers are particularly beneficial for legal and accounting companies. At HDUK, 80% of our user base is part of professional service firms operating in the legal and accounting sector. There are several key reasons why switching to the cloud is ideal for a business like this. 


Security And Backup


Regardless of whether you are running a law firm or an accounting company, security should be a top priority. A report in 2019 suggested that 91% of the top 200 law firms operating in the UK are exposed to some form of cybercrime. Another report has suggested that the top cyber threats are targeting accounting firms due to the perceived access to sensitive data and personal client information. 


A cloud server can provide a higher level of security for your data, ensuring that it is stored offsite. At HDUK, we store our client’s data in two of Europe’s most secure data centers that are located in England. The data never leaves the UK. 


Cloud servers will also allow you to backup critical data and systems. This will result in limited levels of downtime. Downtime costs businesses an average of £.3.6 million per year. With the right cloud backup, your business can be up and running in minutes, instead of days. 


Boost Revenue 


Another significant benefit is that cloud accounting will allow you to increase your revenue regardless of whether you are running an accounting firm or a law firm. It ensures basic processes are easier and cheaper. This allows your team members to spend more time on lucrative work such as consulting and new business development. Since cloud services are scalable, they match the budget of any business and cut down costs considerably.


A cloud server can also provide you with more power, allowing you to deliver a higher level of value to your client. You can use cloud solutions to break down financial ideas, make future predictions and offer customers growth strategies based on big data projections. 




Finally, a cloud solution can make your business more flexible, allowing your team members to operate from anywhere. These days, there’s no reason why accountants or lawyers need to work from offices. Employees can access the cloud and all the data or systems that they need remotely using the cloud. The head of Barclays suggested that COVID-19 would lead to the end of large offices filled with staff. Remote working ensures that law and accounting firms are more cost-effective without reducing the value they can provide to their clients. 


We hope this helps you understand why the cloud could be the perfect step to propel your business into the future. Get in touch today for more information about the service that we provide to countless law and accounting firms across the UK. 

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