Cyber attacks pose a huge threat to the legal sector.

– Confidential data for businesses, clients, and employees are often at risk.

In 2017, 60% of UK law firms reported an IT security issue. Attacks like phishing, ransomware, and data breaches are on the rise. Since the increase in remote working, hacking attempts in the UK are rising by 20%. But how do we combat this rise in security breaches while remote working?

Fortunately, managed IT services and remote desktops can offer increased legal sector data security. 

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Staff Remote Working Without Security Training

Legal businesses have more to lose from cyberattacks than other companies, due to the sheer volume of personal and sensitive data held. Yet the security of the data is only as safe as the least security-savvy staff member. As many as 20% of employees in the UK aren’t aware of data protection guidelines. With staff working at home, this lack of training is even less visible. Annual data protection plans and a clear data protection policy are essential for keeping staff informed and your sensitive data secure.


What Happens When The Server Goes Down?

For many legal businesses, adapting to remote working required an extremely quick tech adaptation in a short space of time. Even 18 months later, many firms are still not fully equipped to deal with cyber attacks or server downtime. Managed IT services with a focus on security can prevent attacks or data breaches from compromising your reputation. HDUK offers the latest in ESET endpoint protection.  An integrated security solution that protects your hardware from cyber attacks, detects early hacking attempts and prevents risky downtime. Unlike training an internal IT department, HDUK provides you with a fully outsourced department ready to immediately provide security installation, expertise, and training. 


Hosted Desktops Protect Data (And Your Reputation)

Legal businesses also face greater threats than others, as reputation is everything in the sector. Data breaches can significantly impact your business reputation. Working remotely has increased the risk of data breaches, with each individual working from their own PC. Home WiFis add to security issues, with each employee risking the data just by using their own private network. 

Hosted desktops are a way of bringing teams back under the safety of a shared network, at a fraction of the cost. A hosted desktop allows all data to be stored securely on a private server, protected with encryption software. Accessible from any PC, hosted desktops increase flexibility and security. These servers also come with a backup application, to ensure that no data is lost. Combining a managed IT service with a hosted desktop service like HDUK means that you have all the safety of the office, while your managed IT department performs software updates, security checks, and system fixes remotely. 


The Older The Laptop, The Greater The Threat

Remote working posed challenges to normal electronic upgrades. In the office, your dedicated IT team could simply give you a new PC, update all the software overnight, and generally keep on top of upgrades. Remote working has increased the risk of outdated security measures leaving company laptops vulnerable to attack. Managed IT services can help mitigate the threat to data security, by remotely updating software and ensuring all existing hardware is up-to-date. As the threats evolve, so will their knowledge, and all of this will feedback into the safety and protection of your legal business. 


Investing in managed IT services and remote desktop hosting can ensure you’re in the 40% of businesses that stay safe from cyber attacks in 2021. Invest in training your staff, hosting your desktops securely, and providing updated tech to protect your clients, employees, and business data into the future.

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