Dynamic Remote Working Enabling Growth

Would you like more flexibility and growth for your business?

At HDUK we believe in asking questions and listening to the answers. We hope this brief insight into the future of working for the legal sector can give you some positive ideas that could help you.

Covid-19 has challenged the view that employees need to be in an office to work. A recent study found that more than three quarters (77%) of legal workers believe the lockdown has shown that they can work effectively from home.

First of all, a disclaimer – of course we are a technology business, not a legal company. Your feedback and information is critical in delivering the right solutions for small legal practices – we want to give you a competitive advantage by providing the best technology and support for your needs, by carrying out thorough research with professionals and bodies in the legal sector.


We asked you and you told us your top priorities for the coming year and beyond are:

  • To be able to work remotely, to serve your clients in a changing world.
  • To keep clients and grow your business.
  • Protect and secure your valuable data.
  • Compliance.
  • 24/7 IT support.
  • Working with a partner who understands legal-specific applications.
  • No-hassle IT support.
  • Services that you can scale as you grow.


At HDUK we understand your concerns and priorities.

We are the UK’s number one remote-working provider in the professional services sector, serving over 8,000 financial and legal firms across the country.

We know that sometimes (or all the time) it can feel like you are running to stand still and spinning a lot of different plates.

Your people could be working from home, in the office or on a desert island (wouldn’t that be nice?). It’s completely up to you how you operate as a business. No two firms we deal with are the same, each has a different style.


Our remote working service brings you closer to your team, not further away.

That is important because we understand that you need interaction between team members. Sharing knowledge and ideas helps you grow.

Your clients want you to deal with their problems. They don’t care where you are, as long as they can reach you. We all know the big legal firms have been building their business in this way for years, they have the scale and the large budget to be agile. They adopt technology early.

Until now it’s been almost impossible for small legal firms like yours to ‘go digital’. Of course, there are options, not perfect by any means. Few people want to risk their reputation on a quick-fix and half-baked solution.

So what is the priority of the legal sector for the coming year? The feedback from our customers was: Remote working, and growth.

We can help you with both.

The pandemic changed everything. Overnight you all became home-workers. Some suddenly needed laptops and a space to work in a busy home. Achieving work-life balance was a challenge – it was (and still is) a stressful time.

Ttake a deep breath – HDUK can help you with all your remote working concerns. It’s what we do. We are experts at putting together a personalised plan that suits your needs.

Ok, but what about growth?

Despite the pandemic, you told us that there are some great opportunities to grow.

  • Do you bite the bullet during a time of uncertainty and find a bigger office?
  • Do you take on a new lease?
  • Is it time to roll-the-dice?
  • If you do move what about all the IT moves and changes?
  • What about the security of your data?

You can see why some people might think twice. It’s daunting, isn’t it?

You can guarantee your biggest competitor won’t stand still because they never do.


These are challenging times, but you need to be dynamic or you’ll fall behind.

It pays to consider all the options and plan for success.

  • Imagine if you could grow your firm without the pressure and risk of signing a new lease.
  • Integrate new starters into the team quickly.
  • Wouldn’t it be great not to worry about the security of your data?

Would you go for more growth now? You have the ambition and the right team so what’s stopping you? Don’t get left behind.


HDUK’s secret is removing the obstacles that could be holding you back, with our affordable high-tech service.

Of course, you might want more information before you make a decision.  Once you start talking to us you’ll soon see how easy we make it for you to grow your business.

We have helped hundreds of businesses like yours to scale up, whether working at home or in the office. Speak to one of our friendly cloud IT experts today on how we could transform your business. You can reach us via our online chat on our website, by calling 01883 333155 or by emailing contact@hduk.co.uk.

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